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Setting Up For The Shot

About a quarter of the way through this star trail stack, a friend of mine tramped by me in the darkness, headed north of me. I casually called out to him, and let him know that I was shooting to the north, and that I was about 15 minutes into a 60 minute interval of shots. I didn't pay attention to whether or not he heard me; I was engrossed in a story that some other friends were telling me.

Periodically through out this time, I caught glimpses of light through the trees, in my peripheral vision. A time or two I yelled out to my friend, reminding him that I was shooting, and to turn off his damn light. The sequence ended, we all piled back in the cars and headed back to the hotel for some much needed shut eye.

A week later, I decide to start processing these shots. I grab all 120 of them, throw them in my stacking program, and a few minutes later what do I see, but the whole of the series illuminated by his dumb head lamp. I showed it to him, he sheepishly apologized, and now this is what I have to show for it.

Don't tell him, but secretly, I think I like it :)

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