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Purple and Blue

I had been hiking with a friend, up Lamb's Canyon and The Great Western Trail, looking for a firey winter sunset. We'd gone about a mile up the trail, from where we'd parked our cars, but hadn't seen anything worth shooting. As the sun was finally falling, I hurried up around the bend, thinking something would materialize. Nothing did, but I kept at it until well after the sun had gone down.

After packing up all of my gear, and taking apart my camera, lens and tripod, I turned around to head back down the trail, looked up, and saw this playing out before me. Cursing my luck, I hurried and ran back down the trail in near darkness, to this spot on the trail, hoping that I wasn't going to slip on the cross-country ski slicked ice trail, and make it to something worth having. I hurriedly assembled my gear, slapped it on the tripod, found a composition I was ok with, and took a few frames.

I'm glad I did, and that I didn't die in the process.

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