~ Please keep in mind, these are NOT the final, edited images. These are just proofs. ~

When you are looking through your images, please focus on things like your outfit, your smile, the way you tilted your head, whether or not you had your hands a certain way. Please don't worry about stains on shirts, pimples, peeling skin, construction workers in the background etc. I will fix all of those things on the final images, I promise :)

There are many things, however, that I can't fix in post production, and are things to look out for, before picking your final images. They might include:

1- Whether your hair was over your shoulder or not; whether your hair was in your eyes, or behind your ear.

2- The way your shirt was lying on your arm, or blowing in the wind, or a crease in your pants etc.

3- Whether or not you had your foot up, or knee popped, or arm bent, or head tilted etc.

I want to make sure that you get the very best images, and images that you're happy with. I tried to give you a number of different options for each outfit, including close up or full body, vertical or horizontal, different poses etc. That also means I have ~2600 images to go through, and I'm bound to miss something. If you have concerns, or questions, please use the contact link above, email me directly (ryan@wellingphotography.com) or call me at 801-425-3491

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