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Misty Night

Lombard Street, San Francisco during a wet, rainy night.

A friend of mine, and I, were in town on a business trip. We had plans to go shooting on the Twin Peaks, but with the rain and fog, there was nothing to be had. We decided to head over here, to Lombard Street, and see what we could make of it.

We were here at about 10p at night, but even then, we met a lot of tourists. A whole bus load of Asian tourists were dropped off at the top as we were leaving and we had walked up the hill talking to some French tourists as well.

I've wanted to practice with longer exposure and tail lights for awhile, the wet of the brick road made this scene shimmer a little as we shot. I'm actually standing on top of the concrete fence, at the top, with my tripod precariously perched on a few square inches of pillar, and the center column raised up as high as it will go.

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