Licensing Guidelines

Battery Park

Why, yes, I would love to license my images to you!

I been asked to license my images to be used on everything from websites, to postcards, to actual wallpaper that hangs in a hotel. I'm very grateful every time someone approaches me about licensing my images; it means they appreciate my work enough to pay for it, and as an artist, that's a great feeling.

A few things to think about, before you email or call me:

1- I rarely sell my copyright.

If you're going to ask me to relinquish the copyright to an image, please be ready to explain why you need that, instead of some sort of exclusive usage license. If you're dead set on obtaining my copyright, please realize that that is going to cost significantly more. I've found that, in 99% of cases, an exclusive usage license is usually what the client needs, and I'm happy to work out a deal for that.

2- I use the Getty rights-managed pricing calculator when it comes to licensing fees.

This is to protect you and me. You can see for yourself what the industry standard is for licensing, so you don't think I'm trying to rip you off, and I can charge a fair and recognized price for my work. 

3- I rarely follow the Getty pricing calculator because I want to work with you!

Look, you're running a business, and I'm running a business. You've got budgets, and I've got budgets. Let's work out something equitable to everyone. Please don't be afraid to be honest with your budget. I've licensed to non-profits and major corporations alike, I'm sure we can find something that will work for both of us.

That's it. I look forward to hearing from you!


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