There are few things better than printing your own work. That probably sounds facetious but hear me out. I spend a lot of time creating these landscape images and while they look beautiful on the computer screen, they are meant to be hung on a wall because then you can be distracted by them. When I look at the prints on my walls, I get to go back and daydream about that location, wondering what I might find the next time I go there. 

All of my landscape prints are selected and edited by me. I suggest printing them on metal and if you've already taken my advice on that, you can back me up when I say there is no other way to print a gorgeous landscape image.  My lab takes a piece of aluminum, infuses the dye into it and then mounts it so that it will hang about an inch off of your wall. The cost is about the same as a traditional print, if you include the cost of matting and framing.  It's eye catching and jaw dropping, all at once.  

If you'd like something more exclusive, check out my Limited Edition print series.

If you'd like to license an image for commercial use, please read my licensing guidelines.

Thanks for stopping by.



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